The Bio Planet


YukyBio is quality. We are committed to the ethical choice of the best raw materials, dedicating ourselves with care and attention to the realization of each product.


Yukybio is trust. We work with love following the entire production cycle of our products, from the preparation of recipes to your tables to offer you the best.


Yukybio is innovation. We dedicate ourselves to the study of new products both in the food and technology field to constantly offer quality and preserve our planet as much as possible.

We are Bio-Dedicate manufacturers

Yukybio is a brand of Sottolestelle srl company that can boast a Bio-Dedicated production plant in which only and exclusively organic raw materials are processed, thus ensuring the absence of ingredients not authorized by organic regulations. This avoids any form of contamination, even if accidental. In our production plants we never use milk and eggs. The absence of such allergens is guaranteed by instrumental analysis carried out continuously within our laboratories.

Always careful to produce organic food for human health in respect of the environment.

Choose Bio. Repair the Food, repair the World.

Repair the Food, Repair the World

What may seem like a simple food choice, can really make a substantial difference. For years the food market has been dedicated to the formulation of products regardless of the impact that the latter could have on man and the environment.

Yukybio with this slogan speaks of the true Organic, attentive to the well-being of man and the environment.

We "Repair the food" through the correct and ethical formulation of a product, from the acquisition of raw materials until the arrival at the table, making use of the improvements that today’s innovation guarantees for the creation of natural products with respect for the planet and therefore for human well-being. With the attention of everyone in the purchase of consumer goods and through the adoption of balanced diets we can live better and in harmony with the environment, then begin to "Repair the World".

Choose Bio. Repair the Food, repair the World.


LOVE is the common thread of our company: love for nature, for life, for our body; love for loved ones, for the family, for our team. Why love? Because love means having mutual respect, taking care of each other. The love for our work makes us prepare every single product with the heart, as if each of them was destined to a loved one, the love for nature makes every choice is taken in total respect for the environment.

Nature teaches us that everything tends to BALANCE. Creating a balanced relationship between man and the environment, means starting to ponder your daily choices starting from food: food choice involves changes not only at a personal level but also at a global level. Many environmental issues are closely linked to the excessive consumption of certain everyday foods.

We, the inhabitants of this enchanting planet, have the RESPONSIBILITY to take care of it. Yukybio does it through the care, attention and research that he puts every day in the production of organic food.

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